Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Jim's In the Run - Top Value

Big Jim's in the Run is honest and unapologetic.  It's not quite a dive bar.  It does have a working class, shot-and-a-beer, feel to it but the Italian entrees are not the kind you would expect in a corner bar.  This is what I imagine it must have been like to eat with Paulie in Goodfellas.  If you need a burger and fries, they can do that but, where Big Jim's really shines is in its pizza, pasta dishes and enormous stromboli and calzone.

The portions seem to tailored to those weighing more than 400 pounds and with daily calorie requirements in excess of 10,000.  The prices are extraordinarily reasonable.  Given the portion sizes, the $2 plate-splitting fee seems a little out of place.  If you like leftovers (as I do), order a full dinner.  If you don't like leftovers and you can't eat like Kobayashi, share.

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