Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Kind Words for the Map Room

After reading such divergent reviews of the Map Room, I decided that the only thing to do was to give the restaurant a fair test. Things did not begin well.

Upon entering the nearly deserted restaurant, I noticed the garish maps that, presumably, give the place its name and I shuddered.  Next I encountered a frantic, frizzly-haired little woman who, I would come to discover, owns the Map Room.  She was dismissive, rude and abrasive.  I ordered a draught beer.  The little woman must have believed that I was not very thirsty because she filled the pimply, chunky mug only three quarters of the way.  The Belhaven (what there was of it) was good but I did not order a second.  I didn't think I wanted one and a half beers for the price of two.

The menu was short and there was nothing special sounding about the specials so I ordered the Black Strap Stout Barbecue Bacon Burger, medium well.  Unfortunately, the restaurant must of judged me to be both thirstless and in a hurry because the meat came to the table rare.  I eventually got the attention of my server (after a full fifteen minutes) and sent the health hazard back to the grill.  It came back well done.  To my mind, juiceless is preferable to bloody ground meat so I suffered through half of the burger.

In the end, I ate half a meal, drank three quarters of a beer and paid 120% of the bill, vowing never to return.  If you're like me, you will read this review and try the restaurant in spite of it.  For my adventurous brethren, I have three and a half words:  "you'll be sorry."
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